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Our Mission

Bellah Therapies strives for the highest professionalism, service, and compassion for their patients and has a business model of individualized attention and hands-on treatment. Our mission statement is to Promote and Advocate for the wellness of all patients Bellah Therapies serves, with a focus on injury prevention. Bellah Therapies ensures that each patient receives professional, friendly, and courteous service and we strive to holistically treat the patient.

Bellah Therapies is an innovative clinic where one on one care is paramount. We believe that individualized care is vital for successful rehabilitation and we accomplish this goal by having each clinician work with one patient at a time. Clinical knowledge, experience, and excellence with personalized care and a balanced approach to rehabilitation are the focus.

We set a high standard of care with treatment sessions being one-on-one with exercise therapy, neuromuscular re-education or manual therapy as needed. We focus on hands-on intervention. We do not leave our patients to do their exercises by themselves, as we believe there is a very important neurological component where each patient needs to learn or re-learn how to facilitate the correct muscles and inhibit overactive or compensatory muscles in order to change the dynamics of the way they move, and thus, we treat the cause of their injury for a full and hopefully permanent recovery. We believe this commitment significantly improves the bond between patient and therapist and allows for a more individualized and efficient treatment plan that will enable patients to get better faster.

We are constantly modifying the treatment plan and customizing each session to cater to the patient's needs. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of care.